Where the present connects with the future

A new generation demands to be listened to and to be considered in a world where change is constant, and the mental and productive models of the past can never be trusted again. The new generation is ready to solve the social and environmental challenges of the future. Their future. Our shared present.
The Future Game is a gamified learning experience, designed by DOT Coop, where brave young people explore the most important trends and challenges of this century to create visions and prototypes of the emerging future with an impact on their environment. Taking the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, the young people are guided by a multidisciplinary team, inspired by expert ‘Future Voices’, are equipped by social innovation skills and interact with leading changemaker companies. This community plays a key role in the diffusion of a sustainable and ethical economic development as well as in the creation of new inclusive cultures and civic engagement. Is time to ensure the well-being of us all in this crazy 21st century.
In addition, established institutions (both public and private) face an urgent need to innovate in order to face new local and global challenges, taking advantage of the entrepreneurial potential of the new generations and their inexhaustible source of inspiration. Are you ready to play?

The Goals

Train and equip young professionals with skills and tools that make a difference and can be agents of change.
Promote the creation of new ideas and companies where the maximization of the positive social and environmental impact is as important as their economic viability.
Create an ecosystem of organizations and expert “Future Voices” prepared to tackle the most exciting challenges.

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The future gamer: skills to lead the emerging future


Methodology & key steps of the game

It is focused on individual and team awareness and on understanding the challenges that surround us.
The participants inquire into their own abilities that will later activate as superpowers, furthermore, they will also identify the collective strengths as a team and community. It reflects and delves into the impact of the Sustainable Development Goals in the local environment and specific challenges are activated.
New future scenarios are generated and the most relevant trends are explored.
A vision of impact is generated and action plans are identified and detailed, opening the way to new solutions.
A solid value proposition is generated from the solutions to the challenges worked.
Four types of value layers are developed: impact metrics, social value proposition, implementation viability, and financial sustainability of their proposals.
Solutions are revealed and alliances are generated.
The participants involve new agents to communicate and activate their discoveries and proposals. Future Gamers are now ready to have an active attitude towards the emerging future.

Future Voices

Our network of referent voices and an ecosystem of visions of the future that support the process:

►►David Cardenas Visual Thinking. ►►Pablo Santos Space design for impact ►►Aída G. Pinillos UX Design  ►►Nerea Zabalo  Human Interaction Technologies  ►►Ione Ardaiz  Social Innovation frameworks. ►►Edu Elosegui  Youth social innovation►►Nacho Calviño Youth economic development communities►►Antonette MidayInnovation in areas of international humanitarian action. ►►Muriel AkikoEcosystems and innovation alliances in East Africa. ►►Jimmy K. Kosgey Digital Skills in Africa ►►Kun ZhangChangemaker Education in China. ►►Kim Jaeongtae 김정태   Social intrapreneurship and changemaker companies in Asia. ►►Inchang Song Cooperative Movement in Asia. ►►Florencia Estrade Social Intrapreneurship in Latin America. ►►Julio Salazar Fuck up Innovation ►►Josianito Llorente Cybernetics and maker ethics. ►►Pablo Ahijado Biomimicry and Nature Inspired Innovation ►►Jaime de los Rios Autopoiesis and digital art. ►►Ana Enrich Social entrepreneurship for systemic change. ►►Eva Sarasola Cultural experiences. ►►Kike Alonso Digital Product Strategy ►►Ibai Zabaleta Citizen driven Innovation ►►Josune Razquin Rhizomatic thinking and reprogramming. ►►Fernando Carruesco Youth political participation. ►►Mohamed Qamsa African Start-up ecosystems. ►►Daniela García-Travesí Marketing with purpose.


Future Gamers

Future Allies

Traveling to the future and activating the present is not something we want to do alone.

The following organizations trust The Future Game as a high impact methodology and platform. These organizations accompany DOT Coop on this adventure: