We connect the dots and put design at the heart of our work. We help your organization innovate and deliver cutting-edge products and services into the market, creating a meaningful impact in the world.

Business and strategy innovation

We help your company build the future. We identify and develop opportunities to deliver exciting businesses and strategies to make your vision a reality and a successful venture. We encourage change where is most needed.

  • Vision creation & purpose definition
  • New market discovery
  • Trends & future scenarios
  • Business modeling
  • Strategy foresight
  • Social innovation strategy
  • Intrapreneurial innovation
  • Open innovation & alliances

Design of tangible solutions

We are passionate about design. We develop radical ideas into tangible solutions, designing extraordinary products, services and spaces. We bring value to the market though bold and brave solutions while creating better and more sustainable ways of living.

  • Product design, engineering and pre-industrialization
  • Concept design and ideation
  • 2D & 3D prototyping and modeling
  • CMF & micro-trends
  • Customer insights & market validation
  • Packaging and point of sale
  • Product service system design
  • Experience design
  • Space Design
  • Interior Design
  • User and client experience
  • Concept visualization (video, render…)

New narratives

We build unique brands and identities to sustain business growth and create memorable engagement. We craft an exciting and compelling narrative to inspire others to follow and interact with your lead and connect with diverse audiences.

  • Future narratives
  • Creative direction
  • Brand identity & positioning
  • Strategic marketing & New era communication
  • Trade Marketing & Customer Activations and engagement

Changemaker training

We unlock your changemaker potential. We deliver transformative learning experiences for individuals, teams and organization to grow through: Teamentrepreneurship, creative & transformative leadership, trend forecasting, human centered design and business innovation. We equip you with tools and mindsets necessary to ignite innovation and tackle complex challenges.

Formal Education Training:

  • Innovation Strategy for Univ.
  • Basic Subjects Lecturing

Events & Talks in Universities Corporate Training:

  • Corporate Leader’s support
  • Design & Innovation Toolkits
  • Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamps
  • Changemaker Community Events