Client: Eroski Viajes
Project: XPLORA
Keywords: Strategic Design, Brand Identity, Engagement & New Era Communication
The Challenge

New behaviors are constantly emerging in the Travel and Leisure consumer market that change the traditional rules of the game. There are several segments of users, mainly young and digital, for whom traditional travel agencies are not the best option.

The change in the way of planning and hiring trips leads us to want to understand different lifestyles and life-aspirations such as the need to learn, explore new realities, share experiences with other people, etc.

We need to acquire the ability to be present where this user is and get to know him better, to offer a value and experience that connects with his values and lifestyles.

The Outcome: XPLORA

Xplora is an Eroski Viajes brand, created to bring closer a young profile, but above all a profile consumer eager for surprising experiences, unique environments and moments to share. Xplora was born to activate people’s energy to discover new places and experiences.

Xplora was born in a predominantly digital environment to seek a new relationship with customers. A relationship that wants to know its user better, connect with him and  be able to offer a personalized value proposition.

The Process of creating Xplora

To carry out all this work, an open and multidisciplinary team was created. We loved the collaboration with Big Data and Digital Marketing experts of the University of Mondragón and of course teaming up with a courageous intrapreneur team of Viajes Eroski.

We designed a process with different phases, first to learn from the vast journey of Eroski Viajes and after understanding the current challenges in order to give birth to Xplora, aimed at a new target and with a new value proposition for them.

1. Discovery

From the studies and market research that Eroski Viajes already had, in different work sessions we convert that information into the experiences that the priority segments aspire to and want to live. A phase of inspiration and knowledge of the environment, analyzing cases from the same sector and others in order to strengthen learning and visions for the future.

2. Brand positioning and new narratives

We design the brand manifesto and purpose based on the tensions that we want to resolve and the aspirations that we want to activate from our target. Building a unique, inspiring and innovative identity of the Xplora concept.

A new narrative that connects emotionally with users, and attracts at the same time other brands with the same purpose as ours.

3. Digital experience design

We designed a seamless and connected experience with these users in mind. A digital experience both online and in the experiential store, and where all the interaction points have been defined to activate that energy in the user to discover, explore and travel.

The new purpose of Xplora has led us to design points of interaction that go beyond the traditional points of a travel agency, adding value and being present at other important moments for people.

4. Development of brand assets

We designed all the interaction touchpoints to reach users at different moments capturing their attention with new graphic and digital resources, and with content that emotionally connect with them. With all these resources and touchpoints we created a defined and coherent brand with its purpose.

Brand assets include the Xplora Manifesto video, the Xplora website, My Xplorer Quiz, content for RRSS publications, newsletters and customer documentation.

It is especially important to design a seamless experience, making it easy for the user to move from the analog to the virtual world in a comfortable and natural way. Moving all those brand assets into the store experience itself has also been a major challenge, that is why working together with the other agencies involved in the project such as Flow and Minube has been essential in order to achieve the best possible result.

Images of Eroski Viajes’ Mundo Xplora store in Bilbao

5. Big Data - Customer knowledge

Constantly knowing the behaviors of our clients is essential to get to know them better, and to be able to facilitate and propose personalized experiences adapted to their needs and vital moments.

We want to be present in their lives and offer personalized solutions for their Xplorer experience. Together with Mondragon Unibertsitatea and Xplora, we have designed and automated a system for collecting and enhancing customer information.

The value of a dynamic and connected brand

We live a complex but at the same time exciting moment in time. The present reality and the future possibilities of brands will be less and less fixed and become more fluid. In this new reality, we need brave brands to deliver meaningful value propositions that engage significantly with people.

DOT Coop we help organizations to create innovative value propositions and new strategic positioning actions to connect with the new lifestyles of consumers. In this collaboration with Eroski we have built a new brand and a unique value proposition to connect with the younger generations. We appreciate the confidence they have given us to propose and the courage they have to lead new visions that define the future of the organization.