VidaCaixa is the largest insurance group in Spain and first in the life insurance and pensions rankings. VidaCaixa is the leading enterprise in the social welfare sector and it’s integrated in CaixaBank.  The private entity that makes the most payments: about €4 billion each year.

The quality of their management can be seen from the more than 25 internationally prestigious awards, including best pension fund manager, and the trust of so many customers.

Thanks to a large professional team of specialists with vast experience in the field of social welfare, we provide service to a large number of companies in life, health, and accident insurance, as well as pensions and savings plans.

VidaCaixa is an insurance company that designs, manages and markets life insurance as well as offering pension plan management to both individual customers and corporate clients. In order to assure an innovative culture and an intrapreneurial spirit the company selects ‘Innovation Champions’ from all over the organization and provide them training and tools in order to foster their innovative performance and their rol as intrapreneurial team activators. DOT we were invited to conduct some of the modules for this exciting community. We shared our experience in the following topics:

  • Trend watching and new product positioning in the market
  • New solution design for different generations
  • Open innovation keys and strategies
  • Structures to build up an innovation ecosystem
  • Co-creation with start up and social entrepreneurs

All topics we are passionate about and areas we work on daily basis. We hope we have inspired and provided to VidaCaixa’ the right tools and methodologies to successfully perform in the insurance open innovation ecosystem.

VidaCaixa: Next generation of insurance innovators