We are at the dawn of a resource revolution, and it will take all of us working together to solve for the challenges ahead. In Spain and across the globe, SUEZ is uniting businesses around the singular mission of helping the families, communities, and industries that rely on us every day to enjoy a better tomorrow.

For more than 2 years now DOT have been working together with SUEZ to define and put into action their DISS (Digital, Innovative, Sustainable & Social) strategy. This is huge honor and a challenge for us, please note that SUEZ is managing the water for more than 1000 municipalities in Spain, that’s quite something.

The increasing scarcity of natural resources is a challenge that motivates us and will engage future generations, start ups, universities and changemaker companies under a single vision. Innovative management of resources to improve economic and environmental performance are a must and a whole bunch of new products and services should be designed to create a better future.

BATUTA innovation program for high potential leaders:

In order to successfully deploy and structure the DISS strategy SUEZ developed the BATUTA program in order to accompany 16 top leaders in the definition and implementation of new social innovation initiatives. The chosen intrapreneurial team came from different leadership positions in the company: innovation, sustainable development, agriculture, new business development, legal area, human resources, marketing, finances, area managers… Truly a changemaker team!

DOT structured the BATUTA program with different learning by doing modules, activities and follow up sessions based in the following process:

Stage 1: Changemaker Vision and DISS strategy.

Stage 2: Social impact ideas, value proposition definition and social innovation ecosystem design.

Stage 3: Social business prototyping and implementation & social intrapreneurship.

Stage 4: Sustainability model, SROI, follow up indications and impact measurement.

Solutions in action:

Due to the hard work during the BATUTA program we were able to deliver 16 top-notch social innovation initiatives to SUEZ’s 4 co-directors:

Circular economy initiatives in food distribution sectors, new apps to empower the company’s relation with cities and citizens in order to deliver better services, new product design based on waste up-cycling, new environmental volunteering programs and many other projects creating a fertile social innovation ecosystem for SUEZ in Spain.

From these lines we want to thank Natalia, Lara and Julia from the People Development Direction for their support and trust during all this process. Let’s keep in on rocking!