Sturios is the result of a process that began with the intention of designing a new experience around gastronomy and luxury.

Sturios is a new restaurant concept that rescues the essence of Belle Epoque in all its activities. Belle Epoque , a golden age , where luxury was available to anyone who wanted to have fun. Sturios is not a thematic restaurant it’s a place where the time stops.

[midtle align=”right”]“Sturios is a continuous reflection of luxury essence and its reason.”[/midtle]

We wanted to move the customers to Belle Epoque in Sturios experience with constant search for a avant-garde culinary offer that evolves , but from a timeless vision. DOT leaded the design process that has worked from different perspectives. From the concept definition to the implementation, designing the whole experience of the restaurant, the brand strategy and the interior design. To do this, we have designed different and attractive spaces , created to consume different experiences in one place full of identity.

We leaded a multidisciplinary team integrating designers with artisans and culinary professionals to create the most amazing culinary experience of luxury based in caviar and champagne.

You can check more fotos of the restaurant here.