Sangria Queca: The (new) spanish way of living

Sangria Queca is a product developed by DOT for Pernod Ricard Winemakers Spain included in the category of new wine markets.

Sangria is a genuine product of the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal), and so is recognized by most tourists and visitors, finding fruity wine a symbol of national identity. On this stage, we proposed the challenge to rescue the essence of the new “Spanish Way of living”. Fleeing the conservative concepts of Spanish identity and looking for a unique personality in order to represent the identity of the new Millennial consumers.

Gone is the image of old fashioned Spain, globalization has made the Spanish cities positioning at the same level of cities like Berlin, Shanghai and Melbourne. Young Spaniards have traveled, have a global vision of society understanding the aspects that describe the spanish identity. This phenomenon has led to an increasing tourism waves visiting the Spanish cities, seeking to live the authentic local identity.

“Queca” brand is aims to create a character with a very strong identity. The naming claims calling someone by a nickname and that’s a sign of style. It means looking at the differential aspects of the Spanish personality, and bring to a strong, sensual, intense and memorable identity. Queca is a social, traveler and discerning woman. One approach that has made be well positioned and she likes to share premium experiences wither friends. She is very interested in fashion and trends with an expanded online life as “It Girl”.

Not only was important to define Queca’s identity but the communication campaign too. We wanted to emphasis Queca’s lifestyle diary so we considered Instagram as the best social network to share this content. Taking into account the importance of the aspirational content that Millennial target consumes we decided to create a brand that is very visual and based in recommendation channels.

Queca comes in different varieties linked to Spanish Way of Living, including fruit print designs tailored to every moment of consumption experiences. A unique format, with a traditional essence but a social, relaxed and open brand identity to redefine the consumption of wine to new moments like bartending.

Queca: Light-hearted, fun and summery life to convey with the new "Spanish way of living"

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