Petrucha  is an innovative and sustainable brand of handmade shoes who had this challenge: ” design the most sustainable packaging ever created .” A project where innovation and design involved in the definition of products and services throughout the value chain.

One of the main problems  the packaging industry faces is the Stock management. Petrucha  has modified its working towards ad-hoc production where resources are created and delivered answering to the real needs . We needed to work with this idea to design the packaging, we needed to create a system capable of producing packaging parallel with the production of the shoes.

We deeply know the technical characteristics and formal potential of sustainable materials such as pulp paper. This material was the best option for the creation of a craft packaging and due to its organic nature we could hold seeds that could germinate at the end of its useful life. Doesn’t it sound amazing that you can bury the box and grow a plant? 

We seek a  “RAW” texture , inspired in the stone , genuine and specially created for each case. Inspired by the Petrucha shoemakers, impregnating and pampering each model to have a unique character.

The box made ​​from a single surface, integrates drastic forms to make the model rigid and ensure the strength during transportation. These forms are also exploited to provide shoes own cavities, to come out of the box, in the same position they were stuffed in factory.

We wanted to change the paradigm of an industry through sustainability.


Molds, made ​​out of bamboo, are a significant reduction of the energy footprint, not only using this stick and waterproof quality, but presenting a viable alternative of manufacturing to other molds made by heavy materials .

Drying the pieces may be carried out in air, reducing energy consumption of heat sources through fuels.

The mark on the surface reflects perfectly the minimally invasive nature of the project and Petrucha brand. A warranty seal impregnated with organic ink hand by master craftsmen, able to change the paradigm of an industry.