Orbea bikes are designed to enjoy … but above all, they are designed to compete. It was therefore necessary to create a bicycle that would respond to that desire for competition, both for professionals and cyclists who want to give everything on the road.

The Orca Aero is designed with a more aggressive geometry than a 100% climbing bicycle. The position we get is much more coupled, with the back lying down.

Due to its aggressive forms and the design of its tubes with the most aerodynamic shape possible, it is ideal to fight the wind face, allowing to reach high speeds in both plane and descent, without giving up an optimal performance climbing ports.

It is a versatile bicycle, just with the installation of a coupling in the handlebar for the racing days is enough to adapt it to different requirements or disciplines.

For professionals, this type of bicycles are ideal for sprinters who are looking for a reactive bicycle and feel the acceleration, as for the brave who try solo trips from several tens of kilometers before the finish.

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Handle frame integration
Aerodynamic tube design
For-frame integration
Competition geometry