Orbea is much more than a bike company, Orbea is a cooperative business and passionate family that creates and manufactures some of the most innovative and cutting edge cycling products and bikes in the world.

DOT proudly works together with Orbea’s teams of design, innovation and engineering to co-create some of the most astonishing bikes in the world. One of our latest goals with Orbea was to design the Orbea Orca OMR.

Redesigning a myth is always a challenge and if the goal is to create the most competitive bike of the peloton, this challenge becomes even more attractive.

The Orca 2017 has a highly efficient design. We have tirelessly worked on the technical aspects like rigidity, lightness, aerodynamics and in a more aggressive geometry for the bike. At the same time, it has a killer design adapted to strengthen efficiency on the final product without losing the identity of the Orca myth.

This Orca bike is designed for professionals, competitive bikers and people that take cycling seriously and want to improve their skills everyday. We want to help people that are committed to improve their race timings second by second, day by day.



Orca’s new geometry racing-style, evokes an aggressive position for the biker and maximizes efficiency and body aerodynamics. To increase the control and traction in any kind of surface, without jeopardizing the overall rigidity, the diameter of the bike’s straps has been reduced to the minimum, which creates a very light image of the back-triangle.

The Freflow fork has been designed and tested at a wind tunnel in order to optimize the front aerodynamics so the bike could gain speed.

This amazing bike was present during Tour de France 2016 with UCI Pro Tour Cofidis team, covering a total distance of 3,516 kilometers. We are proud our design and ideas went so far.

Thank you Orbea and good luck Cofidis team!