#Oleku was born with the mission of making known and accessible the methodology on which the circular economy is based. We consider  Circular Economy a source of change and innovation for companies and an exciting framework of methodologies and strategies the launch new projects and foster a new way of entrepreneurship.

#Oleku presents a self-managed process and the key tools to generate innovative solutions within the framework of the circular economy. #Oleku is the first toolkit in the world that addresses the circular innovation of your company from 4 places: the person, the intra-entrepreneurial teams, the business strategy and the community learning.

#Oleku is a project that was born from the circular economy vision of the Impact HUB Donostia social innovation center and has been developed conceptually and methodologically by DOT S.Coop and reviewed and curated by the Circular HUB group of experts. The project has been supported and funded by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. 

The circular economy as an engine of impact and economic development: 


We believe in the Circular Economy as a model of innovation that respects people, the environment and our shared future. Circular Economy can help us reflect on our relationship with the world, resources, nature and everything you consume every day.

We seek to generate primarily a positive impact on the Gipuzkoa region and Basque business fabric. Anyways #Oleku is opened and imagined to be used anywhere, anytime: SMEs, start ups, business development and product design departments, companies in the process of digital transformation, public organizations and new entrepreneurs… could surely benefit out the #Oleku’s vision, methodology and tools.

Methodology #O + leku_:

The whole process of #Oleku’s circular innovation includes two areas: the methodology and its tools (Process #O) and the moment/place you reflect upon Circular Innovation (Process leku_). #Oleku unifies these two areas in a single path towards circular innovation, where the ‘#O Process’ and the ‘leku_ Process’ occur simultaneously.
– Process #O where we will approach through three phases a methodology and key tools of circular economy.
– Process leku_ where we activate four moments or places of reflection (the person, the intra-entrepreneurial teams, the business strategy and the community learning.) to have a fourfold look to satisfactorily address the work process #O.