Quiero que Olabuh sea el templo de un curioso

SaioaCo-founder of Olabuh

Creating the experience

The challenge was to create a memorable experience that covered the doubts and problems we have when we need to buy a present to someone in a positive and creative way. We analyzed the different users regarding their needs and aspirations. Starting in the pre-purchase, going through the buying experience and ending in the post service.

Online and offline channels were designed in order to create the experience from an holistic point of view to keep the coherence.

We designed nine themes to create the variety of gifts and make them structured in the whole experience of the shop: bakery, tools for cooking, bathroom and shower gifts, home sector, children, leisure time, work related gifts, gadgets and jewellery.

Emotion flow

One of the main challeges was to make the physical experience in a shop atracctive and understandable so we designed and manufactured a showcase that guides the customer through the whole experience  inviting them to look and touch all the products in the shop.

Presents are to make people happy

We realized while we were designing that one thing were the emotions we wanted to inspire while shopping but one of the most important thing when we buy a present is how do we imagine the person we want to buy for: When is he/she happy? How can I make him/her feel special? I this product his/her style? So in order to make the decision making moment easier and more inspiring we created different characters that embody different identities so we can easily imagine different situations for that person we are buying for.

Brand identity

Apart form the whole experience and the concept we designed the brand identity and the stationery.