Obe Hettich, supplier of fittings for the furniture sector, has evolved the quality of its products, until achieving unique perceptible benefits during the final consumer’s use of furniture.

Since 2015, DOT collaborates closely with Hettich, accompanying intra-entrepreneur teams in the development of strategic design projects that have taken the organization to new horizons.


Year: 2015

Project: Obe Versatility Lab: New organizational dynamics adapted to new spaces


  • Definition of the new value proposition
  • New identity applied to equipment and spaces in Obe Hettich
  • Identification of the Company’s Innovation Horizons
  • Space and narrative design

Year: 2016

Project: Incorporation of design methodologies into the Innovation process


  • Analysis of new potential markets from the productive capacities
  • Methodological proposals
  • Innovation Toolkit
  • Analysis of trends applied to Obe Hettich sectors
  • Positioning of Obe Hettich in the automotive market
  • Innovation Roadmap

Year: 2016

Project: New concepts for the automotive market


  • Obe Hettich’s position in the Value Chain
  • Opportunity Map Definition
  • Conceptualization of proposals
  • Pre-project development

Year: 2017

Project: Definition of the Industry 4.0 Technological Plan


  • Vision: New technologies applied to the strategic framework
  • Impact assessment of 4.0 technologies in production process and products
  • Obe Hettich’s definition of technological challenges
  • Inspiration and new opportunities
  • Methodology for monitoring and technological application
  • Definition of the Technological Plan

The methodologies developed with Obe Hettich in the different projects have been based on the exhaustive knowledge of their processes and the roles of the company’s intra-entrepreneur teams.

These processes address the generation of new organizational dynamics, the detection of new markets and the creation of new versatility solutions, reporting new experiences of great added value.