Nextlink is a multinational company based in Laussane (Switzerland),with more than 100 SAP Consultants located in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America. As part of  the overall strategy, Nextlink is transforming their organization through the enhancement of new spaces that improve collaboration, the relationship with the final consumers and the creation of high-performance teamworks.

In DOT, we accepted the challenge to design the new environments to encourage  “High Performance Teamworks”  in their new spaces in Barcelona – Diagonal Avenue.  A singular flagship space that represents the future vision of the company.

From the new Nextlink strategy to the conceptualization and design of the new WeLab® concept.

As we aim to create the offices of the future in the format of an Innovation Lab, we must define individual work and team work. Likewise, we must establish the stages and activities that we want to take place. Both Start-up leaders and those who will work in these spaces and who will contribute to NextLink strategy must be taken into account.

Some intial sketches of the concept


Coworking spaces encourage interaction between the people in it. To make sure communication works between them, it is crucial to provide open spaces with natural lighting and versatile furniture that allows face to face interaction and new resting positions. The space will have areas and furniture that allow people to rest, while providing new stakeholders with a friendly, relaxed work environment.


Flexibility in work can be encouraged in two ways: with versatile and modular furniture, or the Hot Desk model, where workers don’t have a fixed desk; instead they can change where they sit. This favours rotation and avoids immobile closed work groups, encouraging a more open and communicative open innovation model. The Open Office space will have a Hot Desk model, except when there are specific needs, and will seek to encourage movement of the workers in the space.


We designed the identity of the space in order to bring a cutting edge brand image to consolidate the user experience.