Client: Eroski Viajes
Project: XPLORA
Keywords: Strategic Design, Brand Identity, Engagement & New Era Communication
How do we recognize the explorer personalities of travelers?

Exploring is part of the essence of the human being. Even so, not all people explore in the same way: there are those who are more introverted, those who explore every corner in detail, those who are fearless, cautious, sybaritic or disorganized.

With the intention of better knowing and classifying how people travel we have created this fun Quiz in collaboration with the University of Mondragon and Eroski Viajes. It involves creating a new touchpoint with users, where they will find out in a playful way what kind of explorer they are, and at the same time, Eroski Viajes will automatically be able to get to know them better and provide them with custom information of their interest.

Thanks to this tool, the different ways of travelling and exploring the world will be identified through different questions, in an experience that guides the user to the character that most identifies them. The different personalities are not closed and sealed boxes, but general characteristics and patterns that give clues about their identity and behavior.

“We wanted the test to generate a feeling of tenderness towards the characters, seeking the innocence and purity of their personalities. That’s why we started with 8 basic geometric shapes and rubbery textures that appeal to our childhood”.

Creation of the Quiz

For the definition of the test and the questions we based it on three dichotomies about our personality and behavior when traveling and discovering new experiences.

With different fun questions and binary answer options, different combinations and types of explorers are created. Specifically 8 characters to understand different personalities when traveling.

Our Xplorers

In the design team, we set ourselves the challenge of creating non-anthropomorphic characters which anyone could feel represented with. We wanted the test to generate a feeling of tenderness towards them, seeking the innocence and purity of their personalities, so we started with 8 basic geometric shapes and rubbery textures that would appeal to our childhood.

For each one of these characters, we generated a whole imaginary linked to the dichotomies that each personality presented. Thus, to define Xplora’s identities, we reflected on the typical topics and behaviors that each explorer maintains when traveling: why do they travel, what do they value, how do they behave, how do they socialize their trips, etc.

During the animation phase, we found the gestures and tics that made up the loops of the actions of each Xplorer. As the characters came to life in the development of the animations, we looked for simple, genderless names that would strengthen the bond between people and avatars.

User Experience

To ensure usability, we wanted to maximize simplicity in the design of the online experience. The questions were selected so that they felt relevant and real, so that the experience was smooth and uninterrupted until you reach your Xplora profile. You can access the Quiz at