We are commited to spread the New Era vision with future generations to make them aware of global challenges and invite them to be part of the change they want to create.

Mondragon Team Academy

Mondragon Team Academy is an organization made up of students and team-entrepreneurs communities born in 2007 within the Faculty of Business Studies of Mondragon Unibertsitatea.  

Master Program on Intrapreneurhsip and Open Innovation (MINN)

MINN is an International Executive Master Program created by Mondragon Team Academy – Mondragon University on Intrapreneurship and Open Innovation. The MINN program (only Master program on Intrapreneurship in the world) was designed and developed for business professionals and corporate intrapreneurs to support their innovative projects, team-intrapreneurship activities, transform their social impact mindset and learning organization practices.


– We are Team-Coaches and business innovation experts of the program in all the 3 editions of MINN in Europe, India and China.

– We support the intrapreneurship and collaborative innovation projects of the participants both in the modules and in their companies.

– We collaborate on the recruitment and design of the intrapreneurial projects of the participants.

Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation Bachelor Degree (LEINN)

Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation bachelor degree of Mondragon University is the only official degree in Europe on Entrepreneurship. The young Team-Entrepreneurs-students develop their capabilities to create new companies or new projects through a team-coached learning by doing methodology. They are trained to work in a global world contributing to the society through the innovation with Learning Journeys to Finland, United States, India and China.

In DOT together with Mondragon University and Mondragon Team Academy teams, we are:

– Team-Coaches and Project Mentors of the Team-Companies created inside the LEINN community.

– We lead and curate the Experience Economy and the Social Innovation Specialization program on the LEINN 3rd year.

– We are the experts at the Innovative Service Design basic subject on LEINN 2nd year.

– We support the expansion of Mondragon Team Academy and the operations of LEINN team-entrepreneurs in India and China.

Innovative Service Design for Mondragon University

As part of our strategic partnership with Mondragon University – Business School we are in charge of leading the ‘Innovative Service Design’ subject for LEINN (Entrepreneurial Leadership & Innovation) bachelor degree at Mondragon Team Academy.

In DOT we use Design Thinking tools and User Centered Processes to help our clients to innovate and design new products and services. Thanks to this activity we are happy to share our experiences, learnings, cases and mistakes (!) in such an inspiring ecosystem like Mondragon Team Academy. Thanks to the design of an online & offline interactive curriculum we are operating this program in all Mondragon University – Business School’s campuses in Bilbao, Oñati, Irun, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia for a total number of 130 students per academic year.

We designed the curriculum, the materials & toolkit, and the online platform to ensure innovation & entrepreneurship students to gain meaningful understanding of how to apply design techniques. In addition to this we designed a playful experience and storytelling to engage with the students and maintain a creative learning-tension during the learning process: merging social media, team-work exercises, individual assignments and inspiring inputs.

Basque Culinary Center

The Basque Culinary Center is a pioneering academic institution worldwide, created by seven of the top Basque chefs along with Mondragon University, and with the involvement of eleven of the most influential chefs in the world.

Food & Design subject at Basque Culinary Center

DOT we are in change of the ‘Food & Design’ subject, imparted in the 4th year of the Degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts of the Basque Culinary Center, is proposed in complementary modules focused on design methodologies to improve the skills of students in their roles towards Food Industry, Food related Entrepreneurship and the Gastronomic Vanguard.

Thus, “Food&Design” provides specific tools for graphic communication and artistic expression, the development of a visual culture that settles logical processes of inspiration and interpretation, design thinking methodologies, psychology of the color and texture applied to the food, design culinary products and services that stimulate the human senses and finally the design of completely innovative food experiences.

From DOT we are happy to contribute with our new era vision on design and culinary innovation & business at the Basque Culinary Center. It is an honor to share our experience working with companies like Pernod Ricard, Happy Bridge Coop. Restaurant in South Korea, Cemosa, Eroski, Sturios Madrid restaurant… at so high level education unit like the BCC.

Food Trends & Culinary Innovation Masterclasses

DOT we have been invited several times to lecture at the BCC’s Master Program on Restaurant Innovation and Management and at the Culinary Action International Forum, sharing our experience on the following topics:

* Prospective scenarios of food and culinary industries

* Branding and Value Experience Design in culinary innovation

* User Centered Experience Design at restaurants and its impact at Business Modeling.

Mondragon University

Product conceptualization and sketching subject at Mondragon Enginnering School

DOT we are lectures at the Bachelor’s Degree in ‘Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering’ at MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY’s Engineering School. We lead the ‘Product Conceptualization and Sketching’ subject.

The main objective of the degree is to train professionals capable of creating new products and services that add value to the company and the marketplace. Industrial designers develop their professional activity very much in a multidisciplinary environment where creativity and innovation acquire special relevance.

Industrial Design is an activity closely related to business innovation; the industrial design engineer being responsible for generating new proposals to be implemented by industry.

In this basic subject we share our experience and knowledge on product design, product sketching and visual culture. We proudly present the work that DOT has developed working together with Orbea, Fagor, Philips, Cemosa, Petrucha,…

New era Communication & Multiplatform narratives Masterclasses

The Degree in Audiovisual Communication offered by MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY at the Faculty of Humanities and Education (HUHEZI) aims to train professionals in all areas of communication and information.

The main objective of this degree is to train multi-skilled communication and information professionals, qualified to work in any area of communication, essentially in the audiovisual and multimedia environment.

Before these students start their Final Degree Project phase, DOT hosts a series of workshops and masterclasses on:


  • Design for communication
  • Multimedia narratives
  • Communication and storytelling trends
  • Future entertainment
  • User understanding and new ways of communication
  • Brand experience design
  • Communication and audiovisual project management

Social Innovation Entrepreneurship Programs & Lectures

We believe in the power of social entrepreneurship as a source of innovation and impact.

Mondragon Team Academy – Social Innovation Specialization:

Together with our partner Impact HUB Donostia we lead a semester long Social Innovation expert program for the LEINN (Enrtepreneurial Leadership and Innovation Bachelor Degree) students at Mondragon University. DOT hosts a series of workshops and masterclasses on:

  • Social Innovation Business Models
  • Global Development Goals and System Innovation
  • Human Centered Design
  • Open Innovation and Social Impact
  • Social Return on Investment
  • Changemaker Companies and Social Intrapreneurship

Universidad de La Laguna – Impulsores del Cambio program:

Together with Ashoka we were part of the the Impulsores del Cambio – Under 35 in our the foster social innovation business ideas at the Universidad de La Laguna in topics related with water management, environmental conservation & tourism.

Universidad de Almería – Summer Camp:

We are an active part of the Universidad de Almería Summer Camp on Social Innovation organized by A Toda Vela.