Brand strategy for the startup designing new models of intergenerational co-living experiences.

KUVU is an online and offline shared living platform that brings together people +50 who have a free room and are looking for new experiences with people from other generations who are verified and seek accommodation. A technological project, scalable and with great social impact.

With their innovative and inclusive proposal they seek to develop a new model of social coexistence through intergenerational connections that empower all people by responding to the needs of diverse groups at risk of marginalization, especially elderly people and young people with low economic resourses.

As DOT we have accompanied this startup in the process of defining the brand strategy and visual identity, following the established criteria defined in the first reflection stage:

  • Inclusive and clear name, without connotations, able to reach both targets, scalable and pronounceable in other languages.
  • Positive tone that transmits security. Break with stereotypes and create positive labels that generate the perception of a community.
  • Visual identity capable of transmitting “a movement reflection of a model of change”

The result has been KUVU, a brand that invites us to join a new model of intergenerational co-living.