In DOT we want to explore de food industry from different points of view. We want to understand the challenges and needs of the food producers and the primary sector entrepreneurs at the time of transforming and designing new products and services in rural areas.
We are leading a Rural Social Innovation project to foster the development of rural areas in the Basque Country. Through an analysis and diagnostics of which possibilities new trends on food design, culinary innovation, social innovation and the industry 4.0. might bring to the rural area of Carranza Valley in Vizcaya.
The Encartaciones region, and Carranza Valley in particular, is a very depressed area with a high unemployment rate and with not very sophisticated and innovative food products and gastronomical or touristic services. Despite of the huge beauty of the area, exciting natural wonders like Pozalagua Caves or Armañon Natural Park and the notable presence of cattle raising and dairy industry, still Carranza Valley is having big problems of generational renewal and economical development. We believe in the power of the food sector to have a key role to spark new products and initiatives to create a more exciting nd prosperous Carranza.
Right now we are immersed in a field research and diagnostics phase and we are planning 2 working open sessions with food & rural entrepreneurs ad key companies in Carranza Valley the next 12th and 19th of December 2017.

In order to give the best coverage and design a successful working plan we build up the following partner ecosystem:

– Framework and network: Innobasque, Enkarterrialde Rural Development Agency & Viceconsejería de agricultura pesca y política alimentaria – Basque Country Government.
– Technological partners: Innolab Bilbao (IBM & IK4-Ikerlan) & Hasten Ventures.
If you want to be part of #KarrantzaNEXT initiative and take an active part please contact us at We will be pleased to have you on board!