Jintai Dynasty is one of the most important retail & real state developer company in Zhoukuo (a city with more than 11 million inhabitants) and the Henan province, China.

Together with the President, CEO and investors of the company we designed a new company vision that will allow Jintai Dynasty to become an innovation, entertainment, living and shopping landmark in Henan. Jintai Dynasty Zhoukou Garden project consists of 15 high-rise buildings, covering an area of 80.000 sq meters, with floor area of 250,000 sq meters.

With this vision in mind the objective of this project was to design a Territorial & Human-Centered process to co-create, together with the client and our partners in China, an innovative retail & living landmark Ecosystem in Zhoukou (Henan, China) and design a brand for the new ecosystem-concept.

Following a User-Centered research process and the DOT Ecosystem Design Guide we leaded other Team-Companies from the Mondragon Team Academy network: Teamlabs, Lemon, Kmon and Walkinn to work together with a local team forming a 25 people multidisplinary innovation-team.

We delivered a successful ecosystem-services-concept, partners map and a branding guide to Jintai Dynasty to be able to serve better their users, enable new opportunities for investors and create a unique value proposition for Zhoukou citizens and the territory.