Following the DOT approach to Social Intrapreneurship we got immersed into Suez Water – Global leading company on water management and services – with the exciting challenge of activating the first ever Changemaker Intrapreneurial team in the company to lead a social innovation movement.

1. Social Change Vision

2. Societal Footprint

3. Co-Creation & Alliances

4. Talent Management & Team-Intrapreneurship.

Through this Social Team-Intrapreneurship processes, co-created with our strategic partner Ashoka Spain, we help our clients incorporate more ethic, socially responsible and innovative practices into the core of their work.

Intrapreneurial Teams as the engine of corporate changemaking:

We believe in the endless power of an intrapreneurial team with a clear vision, shared leading thoughts and the right dynamics to successfully lead social innovation projects. That is why during the first phase of the project we worked together with the Innovation Department led by Fran Morente to design the Social Intrapreneruship process for Suez Water Spain, align the intrapreneurial team and clarify this team’s intention and goals.

Social Footprint & Water trends to implement the social innovation initiatives:

In DOT we use New Era Trend Reports as a foresight methodology to develop new tangible solutions for the emerging future. Understanding trends enables new visions and opportunities to adapt company’s products and services to future scenarios. In this case we worked in three levels in order to spark creativity and product innovation inside the organization:

1) Water Macro Trends

2) Social & Customer Lifestyle Trends

3) Social Design Trends.

Social Intrapreneurship Ecosystem:

After activating the Changemaker Intrapreneurial Team we hosted a Suez Water Spain community event, inviting more than thirty key leaders in the organization to think together.

Through a series of workshops based on foresight scenarios and the trend-mapping, we were able to understand the social footprint of the company and define the social innovation challenges on different levels: Corporate Vision, Innovation Strategies, New alliances and company/user touchpoint design.

Based on this work we were able to activate four social innovation prototypes and empower a corporate changemaker community in Suez Water Spain.

For DOT it is a real pleasure to work together with Social Intrapreneurs like Fran, Nerea, Anna and Enric and to support companies like Suez Water Spain with such an honest vision to create a positive impact in the world. Merçi!!!

We are also deeply grateful to Ashoka for the confidence in DOT to lead the Changemaker Alliances program and welcome companies to the new era.

Check here some news about the project.