Due to the collaboration agreement between Basque Food Cluster and the INNOLAB Bilbao Association, DOT had the chance to design and take an active part at #FOODby: a project to implement Industry 4.0. tools to the food sector in the Basque Country. 
InnoLab Bilbao is an open innovation platform where companies, technology and talent come together to find digital solutions to contemporary business and social challenges. With #FOODby we focused at the production scope of food-manufacturing and transformation companies in order to envision and construct a more robust, competitive and innovative food industry. 
DOT we have been in charge of the design of the collaborative working progress, co-create de #FOODby vision, enable working possibilities though a design thinking perspective and hosting the working sessions.
One of the most exciting aspects of #FOODby is the company-ecosystem involved:
– Companies involved: Angulas Aguinaga, Café Fortaleza, Udapa, Aldanondo, Ameztoi Anaiak, Itsasmendi, Pasquier, Natuber, Salica,…
– Technological Partners: IBM, Euskaltel, Universidad de Deusto, IK4 – Tekniker, AZTI…
– Design Partners: InnoLab Bilbao & DOT S.Coop
For DOT it’s been a pleasure to take part in such a meaningful initiative and explore in an intense way the possibilities that the Industry 4.0. tools and technologies bring to such an important part of our lifes as the food sector.