LABORAL Kutxa represents a different approach to banking, based on cooperation, innovation and commitment to our society. Their main goal is their customers’ satisfaction and the generation of wealth and employment in our environment. Fundación Gaztenpresa is an organization run by LABORAL Kutxa as part of its social work. Gaztenpresa’s remit is to foster the creation and consolidation of jobs by creating businesses.

To that end, Gaztenpresa has taken up the message given by the European Commission to the European Parliament in its Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan. Our society needs more entrepreneurs, and to get them it is necessary to boost entrepreneurial spirit.

The goal of fostering entrepreneurial spirit requires specific actions if it is not to be just words. LABORAL Kutxa and Gaztenpresa believe there is another way of doing things, they focus on a new style of banking. Much closer and accessible. A model that gets involved in the evolution of society via a solid and responsible model of supporting the creating of new businesses and how people approach to entrepreneurship.

Together with an intrapreneurial team formed by key leaders in both Laboral Kutxa and Gaztenpresa DOT leaded the strategic reflection on the future development of the foundation for a period of 5 years based on the following pillars:

  1. Creating new forums to inspire entrepreneurship with a key role for Gaztenpresa and its community.
  2. Digital transformation as a way to deliver innovative and agile experiences for Gaztenpresa entrepreneurs network
  3. Definition of new products and services to offer all-round support in starting up businesses, but also in consolidating them and helping them survive and scale.

We strongly believe Gaztenpresa will continue being a strong reference on supporting entrepreneurial initiatives and fostering the entrepreneurial culture in the region they operate. For DOT it’s been a great pleasure to envision the future of such exciting organization and design innovative services to empower a new generation of businesses.