Design of ‘GAME OF CHANGEMAKER TEAMS’ for activation of youth of Mauritania and beyond

The first global toolkit to cultivate changemaker teams anytime anywhere.

On a global context of social, ecological and cultural-spiritual crisis there is an urge to activate strong young people to face their local challenges and make an impact on their communities.

Mauritanian youth has a big unemployment rate, a lack of a fertile labour ecosystem and low aspirations, but huge potential to unlock.

Equatorial Coca Cola Bottling Company (which operates in some African countries) is supporting the creation of an innovative educational project that can lead to a generation of proactive people with entrepreneurial vocation in Mauritania. Red Salmons found out about the work that International Labour Organization (BIT Mauritania) is already doing: training on technical capabilities in key sectors for the country on a model based on “Learning by Doing” and supporting employability under the mission of “Protecting People, Promoting Jobs”.

DOT and MTA have worked together on:

  • Design of a model based on core of MTA Falkon Model, the processes for Cultivating Changemaker Teams, that will adapt to Mauritanian needs and context.
  • Translating the educational process into a “gamified learning experience” that is the key support product.
  • Creating a narrative and graphic design based on Stars, Constelations and Space Travel, that will enable people from other latitudes play and connect with the game.

(Collaboration with Illustrator and Graphic Designer Ane Arzelus!)

  • Design and facilitation of “Training for Trainers” course of the model
  • Coordination and implementation of the first 6 months pilot in Mauritania with Team Trainers and Teampreneurs of OIT in Mauritania (2019)
  • Design of the improved and final version of the game. 


This project is progress. From July to December 2019 we will train 20 team-trainers and involve 260 youngsters in teams of 10 people to play the collaborative and real game. Those teams will lead change in their communities and project and initiatives will be implemented.

In collaboration with: