User Centered Design for digital solutions

The organizations, in their effort to increase communication efficiency and direct participation of their employees, are immersed in a rethinking of their channels, media and contents. And digitization has a lot to say in this field.

Digitization and technological advances have opened innumerable possibilities that companies adopt but often do not have the expected results. When designing internal services/products, companies do not pay broad attention to the phase of discovering real needs and expectations of users.

In this framework, DOT collaborates with the Eroski Group to carry out a research specially focused on people needs (Design Research).

This type of research is characterized by the use of different information collection methods that, combined, lead us to understand patterns of behaviour and discover latent people’s needs and aspirations.


Why a research focused on people (users) was useful in this project?
  1. We have discovered behavioural patterns and needs of people (not only explicit information, but inquiring into what is latent), in order to obtain the relevant clues for the design of solutions.
  2. It has helped us to understand the context of use (cultural environment, work environment, skills required, current system functioning …).
  3. Encompassing different types of people and categorizing the different types of information obtained in the research, has allowed us to highlight the most relevant challenges and spot opportunities.