Cultural Change in Eroski´s HQ to shift the impact of people and teams in the future strategies.

We  led a process and implemented different tools to help creating a cultural impact that generate a change in the behavior of people and teams from Eroski HQ.

Through an open and participatory movement, the identity and the main working lines of Change have been defined to turn the Eroski Group’s Social Headquarters into a very special place to work and lead the future of the strategies of the organization.

On top of everything, an intrapreneurial process has been activated in order to generate and lead new ideas that make the cultural change a reality.

DOT guided the Leading Team, and design the process to impact in more than 1000 people, aiming for:

  • Inspire with a deep research and trends forecasting.
  • Provide an exciting vision, sense of purpose and narrative for the new identity (“Sede Contigo”)
  • Design the values and new strategy lines for encouraging people to lead and at the same time becoming the best place to work.
  • Define the appropriate framework for action.
  • Design the different online/offline activities and events in order to create the movement and open participation.
  • Ideate and design actions with impact on ‘Engagement’ and ‘Intrapreneurship’ at different scales: individuals, teams, collective and ecosystem.
  • Nowadays we still support the change and implementation.