The retail sector is inmersed in a big transformation, looking for new ways to create and offer innovative solutions to its customers. The Eroski group is made up of more than 30,000 employees and cooperative members, with great potential for the generation of innovative products and services for the different business areas.

In this scenario, DOT, MIK and Mondragon Unibertsitatea, collaborated with an intrapreneurial team of workers, creating EKINN; Eroski’s innovation ecosystem. In the project, the innovation strategy, the system that supports it, and the cultural aspects to be strengthened to facilitate the generation of impact solutions were specified.

The methodologies generated in EKINN have been oriented to the Retail sector itself in order to define an impact vision, a manifesto, and a set of values ‚Äč‚Äčthat influence the culture of Eroski. In it, a process and a battery of tools have been generated to guide the innovation processes.

EKINN is a exciting project about the creation of an innovation methodology adapted to our company and the large distribution sector itself and activated by the organization's own internal profiles.

Enrique MonzonisDirector of Innovation and Digital Transformation in EROSKI

EKINN has been led by a multidisciplinary team that has explored, experienced, and created new concepts and defined new ways of living the innovation. The result of this process is not only a methodology for the accompaniment and monitoring of ideas with innovative potential but also a new identity with a brave profile, intrapreneur and promoter of various initiatives. EKINN is thus the map of a new path to undertake and innovate in and with Eroski.

Teamwork Eroski

Thanks to this process, EROSKI is positioned as an ambidextrous organization that facilitates an environment where internal capacities for innovation are strengthened and is in line with the exploitation of ordinary management.