Due to the innovative and disruptive nature of our projects at DOT, we are frequently invited to share our vision and experience about innovation, design and business trends.
In addition to the work we do at different universities such as Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Universidad de La Laguna, Universidad de Almería, Basque Culinary Center… we have been part of the following training programs, learning experiences, conferences and talks:

In-company training programs

  • Eroski: Part Summa Training Program for high potential in-company leaders as service innovation experts.
  • Suez Water – Aguas de Barcelona: Part of Batuta Training Program for high potential leaders, business unit managers and area managers as Business Innovation and Social Intrapreneurship experts.
  • AXA insurances: Social Intrapreneurship training.
  • Happy Bridge Coop (Seoul, South Korea): Innovation Leadership and intrapreneurship program for 20 leader of South Korea’s biggest worker cooperativa, the successful restaurant chain franchise Happy Bridge.
  • AILU Education Group (Shanghai, China): Business Innovation and Customer Centered Design 9 modules program for 25 business leaders of AILU Education Group of kindergartens in China.

Talks in Spain (here just a few of them…)

  • South Summit (Madrid, 2017): With talks on "Powering Entrepreneurship: Talent and why every good ecosystem needs it” and “Open Innovation as key to competitiveness”.
  • Social Hackers – Innovasturias & Oviedo Emprende (Oviedo, 2017)
  • Noviembre Emprendedor – Ayuntamiento de Aranda de Duero (Aranda de Duero, 2017)
  • Speaker at European Conference on Corporate Volunteering at Fundación Telefónica (Madrid, 2017)
  • Workshop on Food Trends and Culinary Innovation at Global Innovation Day (Bilbao, 2017)
  • Food trends talk at Culinary Action at Basque Culinary Center (Donostia – San Sebastián, 2017)
  • Start Up scaling strategies workshop at Impact HUB Madrid Scaling Program (Madrid, 2017)
  • Business trends talks at InnovAction Week (Pamplona, 2017)
  • The Future Of University Education workshop at SPIN 2016, organized by Red Emprendia (Santiago de Compostela, 2017)
  • Corporate Social Innovation workshop for Foundation COTEC companies (Madrid, 2016)
  • Social Intrapreneurship Trends at Barcelona Activa (Barcelona, 2016)
  • European Conference on Corporate Volunteering (Madrid, 2017) sharing our vision about
  • Changemaker Companies and social intrapreneurship.
  • Speaker at Global Intrapreneurship Conference (Barcelona, 2013)
  • Host 2018: Convivencia Generacional (Donostia-San Sebastian, Basque Culinary Center. 2018)
  • Co-Create International Conference part of the Bilbao Bizkaia Design Week 2018 organized by Deusto University. (2018, Bilbao)

Active participation in International Conferences

  • BMW foundation 1st Social Intrapreneurship Summit in Berlin.
  •  Speaker at the BMW Foundation's Young Leaders Forum: “Driving Innovation from Within” in Istanbul.
  • Speaker at Global Social Economy Forum 2014, South Korea.
  • Expert at MINN China (International Master Program on Intrapreneurship and Open Innovation) organized by Mondragon Team Academy China.
  • Active member of the ChangemakerExchange by Ashoka & Robert Bosch foundation.
  • Speaker at the Shanghai Social Playground

Tedx talks:

Call us! Here our favorites topics:

Feel free to contact us for booking a DOT talk. We love to be on tour, we feel like Axl Rose in the 90s :) These are some of our favorites topics:

1. Changemaker Companies and Social Intrapreneurship
2. Strategic Design & Business Innovation
3. Consumer & Market trends
4. Design Trends: New Era product & services
5. New Era leadership & education: Entrepreneurial Skills for the future