Didheya team discussing new solutions for their markets

Didheya, a company specialized in the manufacture of decorative ironwork for architecture and interior design, is recognized in the market for ergonomics, high quality of its finishes and the contemporary nature of its aesthetic proposals. In recent years, Didheya has started working on projects with industrial clients in areas as interesting as urban transport, incorporating its solutions into products such as trains, buses or elevators for recognized brands.

During this project developed by DOT together with Didheya, different objectives were set:

  • Identify the change agents of the organization, and implement a culture of innovation capable of covering strategic projects related to the industrial client.
  • Learn about the main trends in the area of ​​urban mobility, and conceptualize solutions manufactured by Didheya.
  • Describe Didheya’s key users, and the specific needs of each of them.
  • Strengthen the position of the company beyond its products, generating an area of ​​expertise that can be offered in innovation projects with its clients.
  • Design the innovation strategy for the next two years, generating the roadmap so that the different lines coexist and evolve organically in the organization.

Tendencias en movilidad urbana trabajadas en sesiones con el equipo intraemprendedor de Didheya

Journey maps of Didheya’s users in the new scenarios

Thus, thanks to the involvement of the Didheya team, we began a long collaboration with which we have drawn the main challenges of the organization and the expertise in Interaction. A cultural change that is positioning the company not only as providers of handles for industrial clients, but as innovation partners to provide solutions related to interaction in private and public environments.