Project: DËNA for DIVERSITY. : The Beauty of all the Skintones
Category: TOY DESIGN
Keywords: Product Design, Changemaker Toys, design for kids, new era kids, design for empathy, inclusive design

DENA for Diversity: A tribute to all Skintones

Dëna means “everything” in Basque, and the game is precisely everything to understand life in childhood. From DOT we have had the pleasure of collaborating with DËNA to develop the new toy designs that make up the brand’s product portfolio.

Dëna for Diversity is a celebration of all skin types, and the chromatic richness that different types of ethnic groups offer us. For this, inspired by the Humanae project of the artist Angelica Dass, we selected a range of colors representative of the main ethnic groups, to show the plurality of the human race, in the same way.

The toy helps us talking about human diversity through play, naturalizing it and respecting it from childhood. Thus, we generate a toy to work on empathy and tolerance, anywhere in the world.

Evolutionary toys. Evolve playing.

DËNA is characterized by the use of a high-quality silicone as the base material. A safe material for children to use, since it can be wet, washed or put in the oven. It is also pleasant to the touch and handling and does not degrade over time, which makes it a perfect material for designing long-lasting products and evolutionary toys.

The free game and the values as a base

During childhood, boys and girls live in a phase in which free play should be their main activity. Playing is learning. Through play children understand the world and understand themselves. Free play consists of playing with your body and manipulating objects guided by your own instinct and your innate curiosity. No rules or limits. That is why designing a toy according to this premise was essential, a safe toy open to interpretations and to one’s own imagination. A free context, where you can also transfer important values for life.