How can JCDecaux play a changemaker company role to foster an Urban Health ecosystem?

CityShakers is an open social innovation initiative aimed at improving the cities and supporting the most promising solutions to the most challenging problems from the perspective of future urban spaces, cities and resilient neighborhoods, inclusive climate action and citizen wellbeing.

CityShakers connects the vision of social and environmental impact of JCDecaux with key agents of the city of Barcelona. The message of ‘Everyone to Changemaker’ is amplified and strengthened through the detection and activation of high impact solutions. To carry out this initiative JCDecaux, Ashoka and DOT Coop. have generated an alliance focused on the visibility of social challenges and the creation of a platform of proven innovative solutions.

Activating CityShakers in Barcelona: Vision & Key challenges

Once again JCDecaux seeks to improve and revolutionize life in cities under the vision of modernization of the urban landscape and the activation of new relationships and moments of communication between the people who inhabit the city. We want to address, together with other agents, 3 key challenges in the city of Barcelona:

1. Emerging urban spaces (SDG 11)

New trends in smart cities, new mobility solutions, complex food systems, smart data analysis, smart infrastructure, urban-rural relationship… are changing the structure of cities and the way we inhabit urban spaces We seek to imagine the spaces that will be relevant in the emerging future of the city of Barcelona, to know the new needs and uses to design relevant solutions.
What are the structures and spaces that will help us to have a city prepared to address these future challenges?

2. Resilient cities and neighborhoods (SDG 13)

Cities have a key role in the fight against climate change, in the design of sustainable environments and in the take-off of the circular economy. In addition, the digital transformation and the new communication and information formats generate new participatory environments. We seek to generate lively, inclusive, responsible and respectful environments.
How can cities redefine their model to mitigate its impact on global warming and pollution and thus meet the environmental needs of citizens and natural systems?

3. Citizen well-being (SDG 3)

The city of Barcelona is our home. Its citizens have to have a proactive role in generating new habits focused on well-being. Millennial healthcare and wellbeing, active aging and loneliness are social tensions that we have to address at the city level. We want to enjoy the city in the most accessible and healthy way as possible.
How can we facilitate more inclusive and shared cities that take full advantage of culture, care and creativity to improve the human side of the urban estructure?

Changemaker Alliance

JCDecaux is a city-dynamizer that serves citizens and institutions with the aim of modernizing the urban landscape and improving the living environment with innovative communication solutions. JCDecaux is one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in the world.

Ashoka is the largest network of social entrepreneurs in the world. A global, independent and non- profit organization that leads the commitment to innovation and social entrepreneurship, building a society of citizens who are actors of change, or changemakers. Ashoka supports the work of more than 3,600 social entrepreneurs in 90 countries.

DOT Coop is a nation wide reference in strategic social innovation and intrapreneurship. With strategical forecasting and cutting edge design skills, DOT helps organizations to innovate and develop changemakers products, services and businesses creating a positive impact on the world.

CityShakers working process

1. Vision of change

Defining a changemaker narrative within the company

1.1.- Creating a coalition of change within the company: launching an intrapreneurial team.
1.2.- Strategic corporate social innovation session, for the creation of a vision, narrative of the project together with the JCDecaux, Ashoka and DOT Coop teams for the co-creation of objectives.
1.3.- Definition of the Urban Health and Social Innovation challenges based on the Sustainable Development Goals set by the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations and the local / municipal and territorial challenges where CityShakers is applied.

2. Alliances & Open Call

Creation of an Urban Health Ecosystem

2.1.- Establishing alliances with key agents and public institutions in the city of Barcelona.
2.2.- Communication of current social and environmental challenges. Selection of partners for the jury.
2.3.- Launching the CityShakers platform an activation of an attractive open call to receive social innovation projects and clarification of prizes.

3. CityShakers Awards

Leverage and visualization of impactful projects

– CityShakers Summit to convene the city’s relevant ecosystem of social innovation and urban health, learning about the finalist initiatives and socialize the vision.

– Communication finalists and invitation to the presentation and delivery event in Barcelona to know the winners.

– Support the winning projects and activation of the prizes.

CityShakers Barcelona: Awards and winning initiatives


Its objective is to give visibility to high impact projects in the urban health. The winner for the Barcelona edition it was Habitat 3, which will have a space on the JCDecaux stands in Barcelona, in other cities in Spain and even internationallyif the project requires it. The impact will be comparable to a communication campaign that reaches 15 million individuals

The Hàbitat3 Foundation collaborates with public administrations and social entities to expand the park of social rental housing, to allocate them to people in situations of residential exclusion. The houses are obtained through the temporary transfer of use or purchase. Hàbitat3 currently manages 490 homes in which 1,350 people reside, paying a rent adjusted to their income.

UP Award

Endowment of an economic prize of € 9,000 to the winner, Soko Tech, with a concrete and measurable impact on the city of Barcelona.

MESH is a Soko Tech initiative aimed at trainers who work with youth in programs for social inclusion. Emphasizes circular economy, resilience and sustainability. It aims to return production to the city through digital manufacturing laboratories.

The jury for the 1st edition of CityShakers Barcelona

The following people were part of the open call and constituted the jury for the evaluation and selection of CityShakers initiatives.

Cristian Palazzi – Director at PlayGround Do

Anna Majó – Technical Director of Digital Innovation of the Barcelona City Council

Júlia López – C40 Cities Regional Director for Europe

Jorge Rovira – Partner and Chief Operating Officer at UPsocial

Edu Elosegui – Co-Founder of ALWA

In addition to this team, Antonella Broglia participated in the design, preparation, and presentation of the winner selection open event (CityShakers Summit) we hold in Barcelona last March 2019.

The value that an initiative like CityShakers generates

Shows commitment to the vocation of service of JCDecaux to create healthier and more innovative cities and at the same time we face real urban challenges by providing inspiration and innovative solutions to the society as a whole. In addition to being a project with a great capacity to be scalable. CityShakers reinforces JCDecaux leadership image by attending to two criteria:

Social dimension:
– JCDecaux is positioned as a key agent of social change. Establishing an empathetic connection to the city, its key agents and proactively offering innovative solutions.
– Enables JCDecaux to champion key challenges in cities (such as urban health, fight against climate change, inclusion of disadvantaged groups …) and create new alliances to support impact solutions.

Changemaker company dimension:
– CityShakers establishes a good network of contacts with the public administration that serves to benefit strategic objectives.
– Creates an antenna of knowledge on trends in urban innovation and maps start-ups and leading organizations in emerging sectors relevant to JCDecaux in social innovation. CityShakers can support the company’s processes of innovation, sustainability and CSR actions.
– Have a new platform for relationship and joint work with other organizations beyond commercial ones.

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