Cellulose: the transformation of a natural material into a compostable packaging

We have collaborated with Cemosa since 2011 in the design of the packaging for the egg sector in the “Soul” range. This range of egg cups is present in 90% of Spanish supermarkets with brands such as Eusko Label or Eroski’s SELEQTIA range.

The challenge of designing the egg box was especially delicate since the egg must be protected during transportation and exposure. In addition, the packaging must highlight the characteristics of the product in its exterior aesthetics.

In this design we managed to reduce the use of cellulose by 30%, strengthening the shape and expanding its labeling surface.

Soul has gone from selling 2 million units in 2012 to selling 20 million in 2016. We are delighted to be able to design together with Cemosa products that have so much impact.

Sustainability metrics

30% of cellulose reduction

17% increase in packaging units per pallet

Iconic front design with unique identity
Larger labeling surface
Stiffened surface for greater stackability
Packaging shapes adjusted to the content for a noticeable reduction in volume.
Optimization of shapes for manufacturing and cutting

A wide range of colours