BBK Kuna: The Home of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Bilbao

Since its construction in 1916, Ricardo Bastida’s “Casa Cuna” has been a reference point in the generation of well-being, equality of opportunities, social integration and cutting edge preschool education in Bilbao and Bizkaia. This new project will aim to work on the challenges of Bizkaia’s future.
A place to think in the future

BBK Kuna‘s ambitious project seeks to generate a Social Innovation ecosystem in Bizkaia in an inspiring space along with agents linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Attending to the particularities of the territory, honoring the past and all the work done, but without losing sight of the future challenges that we face as a society.

BBK Kuna will work together with all the agents of the so-called Quadruple Helix: society, universities and research centers, public administration and private companies, hosting different participation formats that respond to the challenges detected.

At DOT, we have worked together with BBK Fundazioa from a 360º vision in Design, simultaneously working on the space strategy with local and global agents, the interior design that houses the Kuna programs, the brand identity and the generation of local and international alliances that support and make an impact on the project.

5 floors dedicated to Social Innovation

Floor -1 Dock: A space in connection with the river. In&Out Garden in a relaxed environment.
Floor 0 Plaza: Welcoming space and information point. Exhibition spaces and Grab&Go.
1st Floor Kuna Crea: Spaces for collaborative work and resident projects.
2nd Floor Kuna Inspira: Spaces for learning and applied knowledge.
3rd Floor Ganbara: Vision of Kuna and special celebrations.

Space Identity and Brand Image

The geometric shapes of the graphic identity are directly taken from Ricardo Bastida’s “Casa Cuna” built for “Caja de Ahorros de Bilbao” (1914).

Taking the building as a basis for BBK Kuna’s identity is an essential part of the project, for the historical weight of the place, for the magnificent architectural and aesthetic execution of the construction, but also for the artistic current in which it was based: modernism. An artistic movement characterized by breaking with the past and betting on the future from the present.

Kuna’s identity is based in two concepts:

  1. Puzzle: where the various parts are fundamental and just as important to build the whole.
  2. Contrast: Kuna’s audience is diverse and plural, full of contrasts just like geometric shapes. It is a local and global project, combining tradition and modernity.

All this comes together in the graphic system formed by different geometric shapes that overlap and relate to each other.