AILÜ Education Group is a Chinese kindergarden network, with more than 35 kindergartens and almost 2000 staff members is able to deliver high class educational experience for more than 17000 kids in Shanghai, Wenzhou, Xiamen and Beijing.

It combines the best of east and west, applying finnish educational methods and ancient chinese culture. AILÜ, since its foundation, almost 30 years ago in rural Wenzhou, and thanks to the hard work and a vision of providing high quality, innovative and private pre-school education is a referent in kindergarten education in China.

Together with our strategic parter in Asia, Mondragon Team Academy China, and the AILÜ founder (Mrs Ailu Yang), CEO (Mr Kun Zhang), Educational Director (Mrs Ivy Huang) and Innovation director (Mrs MiaoMiao Zhang), we are:

* CoCreating a shared vision for the future of the company, designing at the same time an innovative expansion and new kindergarten establishing model.

* Providing Team-Intrapreneurship and Open Innovation learning-by-doing training experiences.

* Enabling AILÜ educational group to be a learning organization: To facilitate the learning of its members and continuously transform the company.

Thanks to our work AILÜ Education Group is able to: expand the network faster, enable best practices to have an impact all over its network, increase the quality of their educational standard and create faster high performing teams in new kindergartens, saving money and avoiding staff turnover.

AILÜ Education Group is ready to become an educational leader in China and in the world. Combining kindergarten education, best educational methods, art school, daycare center and kid sports centers. Also being a referent in intrapreneurship and open innovation.