Paula Jimeno

Junior Design Strategist

As a Design Strategist at DOT Coop, Paula supports different projects by managing a variety of strategic and operative tasks; from service design to customer and user relationship management.

She is a positive person and enjoys conversations on deep and complicated topics. In her day-to-day life, she strives to listen to the stories of those who live a reality different from her own, with the aim of empathizing and understanding the root of their actions and opinions. She also loves to learn about many topics (from psychology to self care) that, although may seem disconnected, nourish her and provide useful insights for the projects. This makes her a really versatile person and highly adaptable to different projects.

As part of her training at Mondragon Team Academy she co-founded a company named Newen along with 12 other teampreneurs, with whom she has designed, implemented and managed projects in different areas. We could frame the projects in which she has worked in 3 main areas; social innovation, education and experience design. This adventure has also led her to briefly live and develop projects in Finland, the US, India and China. Thanks to the Masters in Strategic Design (Deusto University) she is able to deeply analyze customers or use the design tools to solve the strategic challenges of organizations, among others.

She understands the company as a tool at the service of society and with the ability to improve people’s lives. She believes that all projects, if analyzed in the right light, offer the opportunity to find ways that make us, as a society, happier or that make the world a better place. Paula enjoys working and is always ready to take on projects that challenge her. She considers enjoying the projects and good professional relationships to be key tools for productivity.


  • Bachelor Degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation LEINN (Mondragon University – Mondragon Team Academy)
  • Masters Degree in Strategic Design (Deusto University)