Muriel Akiko

Project management and business strategist expert

Muriel is an aeronautical scientist and business strategist with nearly two years experience in project management. An exceptional planner and administrator, Muriel worked as the Project Coordinator and Kenya lead for the inaugural Africa Basque Challenge (ABC), which took place in Kenya and the Basque Country, Spain in 2018. Close to 50 participants drawn from Kenya, DR Congo, Somalia and Spain participated in the Challenge. Muriel’s work entailed overall coordination of the Executive Committee comprising of six people, overseeing research, managing ABC finances, as well as co-ordinating and managing bootcamp operations. Now that the edition is over, she is working as a a coach with the first community of entrepreneurs to help them along their start-up journey and ensure their success.

Muriel is also working as the project manager for the second edition of the ABC – the Creative Economy Challenge. The challenge will take place simultaneously in Kenya and Spain from August 2019. For this second edition, she is overseeing the project from the Basque Country. She is preparing for the launch with a view of Improving the process to increase the impact made while remaining cost effective.

Other than managing ABC, Muriel is also a co-founder and is leading research on entry points and strategy for MTA Africa, a cooperative movement that plans to build a community of team-preneurs in Africa, with an aim of expanding its social network of social entrepreneurs. Her work involves investigating ways and key partners to help in bring the Mondragon Team Academy Methodology of learning by doing to Nairobi, Kenya first before scaling it to other parts of Africa.

She joins DOT in Kenya as a Project management and business strategist expert to play a key role in DOT’s social innovation training programs in Kenya and Somalia.

She has a degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in the US and a Diploma in Entrepreneurship from Strathmore University in Kenya.

Muriel Akiko _ DOT Team