María Legaristi

Changemaker Education Expert

She is very disciplined and organized, but the routine for too long just makes her a little crazy. Therefore, he is constantly looking for new challenges. That’s why she has joined DOT as a Changemaker Education Expert. She will give support to the educational experiences and trainings of DOT and will be leading a 6 months implementation of a social team-entrepreneurship program in Mauritania together with the International Labour Organization. She will also be supporting the upcoming new education opportunities for DOT in Africa’s french speaking regions.

María considers herself an introvert, but that has never stopped her from fighting for what she wants. She is a curious person, since her childhood she has loved going out and living experiences outside of her comfort zone. Traveling for her is synonymous with growth and personal development.

In addition to this, she manages two music associations (check Atrilia for more information) due to her vast experience as a violinist. With these organizations, apart from enjoying music, she focuses on training others in values such as teamwork, leadership, hard work, empathy and tolerance through music. These organizations donate all the money raised with the concerts to ANFAS (organization supporting the rights of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families), entity with which he has collaborated for 11 years.

On the other hand, she is co-founder of Drops along with 10 other team-entrepreneurs. This StartUp has allowed her to work in education, audiovisual communication and fashion all over the world in countries like China, India and the US; and to be part of Mondragon Team Academy (MTA) a network of international team-entrepreneurs.Her most creative part has been developed together with a photographer. For a year she has dedicated herself to capturing the essence of brands such as Springfield, San Miguel and Ecovidrio… transmitting the values and essence of those brand to life thanks to photography.

As you can see she is really passionate about music, with a great inner world and with a clear sensitivity for education. Be aware that María always looks at your smile when she first meet you. Do not repress it.