Ane Arzelus

Ane is an illustrator and designer born in Donostia – San Sebastián, Ane has been drawing since she was a little kid and seeing that she would not stop drawing while studying she decided to make her studies about drawing. She has always wanted to tell stories with her pieces and got fascinated by the communicative power of images during her career, fact which granted her several comic prizes. Nowadays she works as a conceptual illustrator and designer with a big focus on visual communication, simplicity and effectiveness.

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With a career in Creation and Design specialized in Illustration in the Basque University, and postgraduate studies in Illustration in Editorial and Advertisement in Madrid, she has just recently become a published author with her first illustrated album about the basque language and the meaning of words – which has won her a grant by the Basque Government. The public perceives the ingenuity of her works and the power of the visual rhetoric she uses.

She was part of the Professional Illustrators Association in Madrid, and is currently associated to the Basque Illustrators Association (Euskal Irudigileak). She works as a Graphic Design and Illustration Expert at DOT S.Coop and as a freelance illustrator and creative designer for local agencies and national clients, with an ever-growing focus on sustainable design. Her interest in social design, environmentally sustainable design, zero waste design and inclusive design have her in the active search of projects aligned with her beliefs, in which to develop her creative and visually communicative graphic works towards goals she can wholeheartedly stand by.

With this role, Ane has contributed to visualize and lead the graphic creativity for DOT’s changemaker training programs like Building Mauritania and the circular economy platform and toolkit: #Oleku

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