Ana Gazpio

Design Strategist & Social Innovation

As a Junior Designer at DOT, Ana supports projects combining strategy, detailed service design and social innovation from a systemic approach. She contributes to the development of innovative and emotive products, services and businesses that lead us towards a happier, healthier and more sustainable world.

Ana is a creative, versatile and sensitive person. She loves discovering new realities by observing people’s behaviours and listening to their perceptions from empathy, sharing and cooperation, as the strongest way to achieve radical changes. That’s why she decided to dedicate herself to design for people and planet, and work to contribute to a just transition in response to the complex challenges we face. This requires passion, commitment and energy, so you could find her surfing, hiking in the beautiful Basque mountains or painting watercolors in her spare time; those are her main sources of power.

She believes in the power of new narratives as a guide for systems change, even in the most challenging times. She’s now exploring the intersection of technology, design and storytelling to reimagine alternative futures. We are now navigating nebulous problem spaces that require inclusive teams working together in new imaginaries, that will bring us closer to a truly flourishing future.

Her professional background has been diverse and very enriching. Her first spot was Angelica Barco Studio, a design studio focused on Brand Building, Creative Strategy and Graphic Design. There, she learnt to establish, organize and visualize strategic keys in different types of creative projects upon principles of design thinking and user-centered design. Then, she worked in a design-led startup from the Royal Collage of Art (London) called Zelp, developing cattle harnesses to neutralize methane, improve animal welfare, and get organizations closer to net zero.

Committed to advancing the value of design and getting people involved in these processes, she moved forward community transformation processes, working in a Social Innovation Lab called Agirre Lehendakaria Center. She learnt by experience how valuable deep listening processes are, integrating culture and narratives from each community as a driver of change. She took part in sensemaking and co-creation processes towards the development of people-centered portfolios in local and international contexts. More specifically, she had the opportunity to work in lab’s design strategy and communication in collaboration with two renowned international designers.

If you want to meet her in her natural habitat, you could find her along the coastline looping for some secret spots to surf, always with her camera, ready to capture the fleeting magic moments the ocean gives us. She’s always ready for new adventures!


  • Bachelor Degree on Industrial Design Engineering (University of Deusto)
  • Exchange programe in Sustainability and Innovation (Università degli Studi di Firenze)
  • Expert course: Service Design (University of the Arts London)