TFG is an action-learning program in which brave millennials explore the Sustainable Development Goals through a game-based experience with: social challenges, learning points and impactful solutions in order to obtain XXI century skills for changemaker employment.

What is it?

A whole new millennial generation looking to have a meaningful impact in the world. The Future Game provides an action-based game for millennials to design innovative solutions to solve social challenges based on local characteristics with a validated methodology (by DOT S.Coop and Digital Society School).

Brave millennials and changemaker organizations collaborate during a 2 weeks program. The Future Game as an strategic tool to develop new changemaker skills and social impact projects and new economy businesses throughout locally organized communities of young innovators.

With The Future Game we want to provide a skill Set for the millennials to operate in a changing economy, and inspire them to be brave and propose innovative solutions and initiatives.

Key elements of the program: 

-Changemaker Skills For All: Cultivate entrepreneurial and changemaker skills (empathy, human-centered design, design thinking, team-work, team-leadership, circular economy, social business…) with millennials that might not have access to university or business schools.

-Meaningful community: Millennials want to create a meaningful impact while playing a game, with a funky experience and a sexy brand. Organizations they need safe and innovative spaces to thrive their open innovation efforts. This is TFG.

-Strategic local-efforts: Global challenges like the Sustainable Development Goals are the base to define to challenges we answer during the program.

-Glocal mentors: Local experts combined with international online mentors as a source of inspiration and support.

In order to achieve it we designed to following program / curriculum:

1. WELCOME TO THE NEW ERA: Emerging social innovation trends applied to local challenges in a gamified learning by doing experience (Design thinking, U Theory, Circular Economy, Biomimicry, Social Business…).

2. TOOLKIT FOR THE FUTURE: Toolkit with methodologies, theories and mentors to successfully navigate the challenges and propose innovative solutions.

3. FUTURE SCENARIOS FOR FUTURE CITIZENS: Understanding the new generations (Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X, Baby boomers & Silent generation) and their impact in the world.

4.PROTOTYPING SOLUTIONS FOR THE FUTURE: Putting ideas into action though new prototyping methods and new production models based on circular economy.

5.FUTURE COMMUNICATION AND PITCHING: Understanding how communication works in the 2.0. sphere as a key for social movements and impact and enabling new capabilities of pitching to be able to gather efforts under the same vision.

6.FUTURE BUSINESS MODELING: Circular economy and social impact based business model creation.

7. PLACE-BASED APPROACH: Each TFG edition is designed to be implemented locally place-based and with a format easy to implement by universities, public institutions, social innovation spaces…

Donostia- San Sebastian TFG edition

We have already successfully conducted a TFG prototype in Donostia-SanSebastián (Basque Country, Spain) for a period of two week as full time experience at the local social innovation center: Impact HUB Donostia-San Sebastian. We gathered an amazingly vivid 20 youngster team (selected though an open call and application process), having the support of top-notch social innovation and circular economy companies like DOT S.Coop (social innovation product design), Orbea (Tour de France bicycle producer), Iberdrola (leading Spanish energy company) and ethic (sustainability media company). We also conducted live online sessions with experts on education, changemaker skills, social corporate intrapreneurship based in far away places like South Korea, Siria, Amsterdam and Sao Paulo, bringing a global perspective to the local solutions we designed.

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