CityShakers: Social innovation platform in Barcelona 

CityShakers is an open social innovation initiative, aimed at improving the city of Barcelona and supporting the most promising solutions to the most challenging problems from the perspective of future urban spaces, resilient cities and neighborhoods, inclusive climate action and citizen wellbeing.

A Changemaker Alliance:

CityShakers connects the vision of social and environmental impact of JCDecaux with key agents of the city of Barcelona and amplifies and strengthens the message of “Everyone a Changemaker” through the detection and activation of high impact solutions. To carry out this initiative JCDecaux, Ashoka and DOT Coop. we have generated an alliance focused on the visibility of social challenges and the creation of a platform of proven innovative solutions.

  • JCDecaux is a city dynamizer that serves citizens and their institutions with the aim of modernizing the urban landscape and improving the living environment with innovative communication solutions. JCDecaux is one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in the world.
  • Ashoka is the largest network of social entrepreneurs in the world. A global, independent and non-profit organization that leads the commitment to innovation and social entrepreneurship, building a society of citizens who are actors of change, or changemakers. Ashoka supports the work of more than 3,600 social entrepreneurs in 90 countries

Vision of Social Innovation and Urban Health for Barcelona: 

Once again JCDecaux seeks to improve and revolutionize life in cities under the vision of modernization of the urban landscape and the activation of new relationships and moments of communication between people who inhabit the city. The challenges faced by CityShakers in Barcelona are the following:

1. Emerging urban spaces
2. Resilient cities and neighborhoods
3. Citizen welfare

From CityShakers we look for social innovation initiatives with an impact on urban health in Barcelona. From JCDecaux, with the help of Ashoka and DOT S.Coop, several awards, interactions and events have been designed to support initiatives with an impact on urban spaces, neighborhoods and citizens in the city of Barcelona.