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#04 Ashoka Venture Board Euskadi

For years, DOT S.Coop has been collaborating with Ashoka, a leading international foundation in social entrepreneurship. Together we have worked to promote innovation in cities such as Barcelona and Madrid with strategic social innovation projects in companies such as Coca-Cola, Suez, Danone, … and creating a Network of Changemakers Companies.

This year we have proposed to encourage social innovation in Euskadi. Social Innovation is a key driver to reach new heights of innovation and sustainable and scalable social impact for companies, governments and organizations in order to face social and environmental challenges.

On February 28 from 10am to 1pm at the DOT S.Coop office in Bilbao we will be accompanied by Casilda Heraso, Director of Selection of Entrepreneurs of Ashoka to weave a support network for social innovation with the key agents of the territory.

The goals of the session will be:

  • Ashoka Spain presentation and its social entrepreneurship support program.
  • Ashoka & DOT collaborative projects in corporate social innovation.
  • Dialogue on the keys to social innovation and relevant agents in Euskadi and possible new Ashoka Fellows.
  • Explore the Ashoka Venture Board Euskadi 2019 creation and activate a network of nominators, check out here for more information.

Assistance only under invitation, hello@feeldot.

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