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#07 Open DOT Session: Nature inspired design

April 5th, 2019, 10:00h-13:00h

Biomimicry is the scientific discipline that consists in emulating the forms, patterns, processes, strategies and principles that exist in nature to create sustainable and efficient solutions in response to human challenges at any scale. It is innovation inspired by nature, pure sustainable innovation. From DOT we have the firm commitment to lead the emerging future of design from this type of approach. During the Open DOT Session # 07 we will discuss the possibilities, the most relevant cases of inspiration and the working tools of a process of innovation and design inspired by nature.
For the session we will have the honor to count with the participation of some of the key members of Biomimicry Iberia (coming from the nodes of Madrid, Barcelona and Granada):
Carlos Sáez, Inés García, Javier Fuentes, Matthiew Neiman, Pablo Ahijado, Biancamaría Abagnale. A group of expert with a vast international experince in the sector in organziations like: Universidad Francisco de Vitoria de Madrid, Universidad de Granada, ELISAVA, Instituto de arquitectura avanzada de Cataluña IAAC, Kohler Co and Le Nuvole entre otras. ¡Quite an amazing team! 
Introduction to biomimicry: Basic concepts, case studies and inspirational applications of the nature inspired design.
Practical workshop led by Biomimicry Iberia: Working in team to explore the posibilities of biomimicry and exploration of key working tools.
Clarifying the value proposition and opportunities of biomimicry in Spain, networking between the attendants and exploration of the possibility of starting up a local node of Biomimicry Iberia in Euskadi.

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Previous DOT Open Sessions

#06 DOT Open Session – February 28th, 2019

“DOT & Ashoka Venture Board Euskadi”

For years, DOT S.Coop has been collaborating with Ashoka, a leading international foundation in social entrepreneurship. Together we have worked to promote innovation in cities such as Barcelona and Madrid with strategic social innovation projects in companies such as Coca-Cola, Suez, Danone, … and creating a Network of Changemakers Companies.
Now we have proposed to encourage social innovation in Euskadi. Social Innovation is a key driver to reach new heights of innovation and sustainable and scalable social impact for companies, governments and organizations in order to face social and environmental challenges. In order to understand the key social and environmental challenges we face in the Basque Country and looking to foster collaboration between key players in Euskadi we make this call to which the following organization attended: Kutxabank, Gaztenpresa – Laboral Kutxa, Mondragon Corp, Mondragon Team Academy, Eroski, Impact HUB Donostia, Koop SF34, Basque Culinary Center, Last Tour (BBK Live Festival), El Correo, LKS, Bilbao Basket and Bilbao Metropoli 30 and Basque Government. 
We dialogued on the key social innovation challenges for the Basque Country and discussed about relevant agents in Euskadi and even possible new Ashoka Fellows. We also created the Ashoka Venture Board Euskadi 2019 network of nominators. It was quite an intense session!

#05 DOT Open Session – February 11th, 2019

“Changemaker Young Entrepreneurship: Basque Country – África connection”

Taking into advantage to visit of the Africa delegation to Bilbao for the second bootcamp of the Africa Basque Challenge project in which we took active part together with Mondragon Team Academy, LKS, IBM, UN Kenya and the Cooperation Agency of the Basque Government we conducted the DOT Open Session #05: “Changemaker Young Entrepreneurship: EU – África connection”.
The aim was to discuss and crystalize the key elements to foster of the young social entrepreneurship from the Basque and African perspective and co-write a manifesto for the Africa Basque Challenge framework. More than 50 youngsters from Kenya, Somalia, DR of Congo and Basque Country took part in such a beautiful challenge. 

#04 DOT Open Session – October 5th, 2018

“New cooperative businesses: Basque Country – Japan learning forum”

Bilbao held the 4th edition of the Global Social Economy Forum GSEF during October 2018. This a world-known event that gathers the attention of many and very important social economy organizations from all around then world.
Thanks to our alliance with JAM&MBA Global and in our attempt to support their Basque Country – Japan cooperation and innovation projects we organized a “New era cooperativa businesses: Basque Country – Japan learning forum” with 35 Japanese GSEF participants.
During the session we discussed key trends of workers cooperatives in Basque Country and EU, talked about new organizational model and about the challenges of the worker-owned cooperatives in Asia with a focus in Japan.
The visit to DOT got featured in Japanese language on the Japan Cooperativa Alliance website. Amazing!

#03 DOT Open Session – July, 2018

Design for sustainable development goals

The main aim of this Open DOT was to discuss on the role of Designers towards Sustainable Development Goals. We invited Marco van Hout Community Liaison of World Design Organisation (WDO), Lead Design at MediaLAB Amsterdam, Head of Programmes & Impact at the Digital Society School and Co-founder of the Global Goals Jam to share his experience and create with us.

#02 DOT Open Session – 

“Changemaker companies”

The main aim of this Open DOT was to reflect on the role of companies that generate social innovation. Ana Enrich Director of Institutional Relations at Ashoka (World Leading Foundation in Social Innovation) joined us. Together we shared the main trends in Social Intrapreneurship, Changemaker vision and the design of business alliances focused on social innovation.

#01 DOT Open Session – 

“Next Food Generations”

The main aim of this Open DOT was to reflect on the trends that is facing the food industry. New consumers and ways to understand product consumption. We talked about the challenges of companies to adapt to new markets and new consumers in an agile and innovative way.