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All the reflections come from members of DOT having had the opportunity of immersing in India’s reality several times.

On collaboration with the Social Enterprise SURE, that empowers women as leaders and entrepreneurs, we learned that traditionally rural women were first consumers of goods, later they were integrated into retail networks for the sake of distribution and the current challenge is how to make rural women part of the whole process: from understanding needs and aspirations, finding the solutions, producing them, distributing them and consuming.

We believe on the power of team-entrepreneurship for bigger impact on the context, so we contributed to the matter in two ways:

*We made a research about successful technological rural businesses and explored the possibility and interest that women could have running them on teams.

*Based on the women entrepreneurial culture that already exist and the network of sakhis of SURE, we created experiential workshops to understand the potential of teams, the importance of knowing customers, worked on new business models and trained prototyping skills.

On the two cases above we saw a frugal way innovating, new solutions that are created from scarcity, Jugaad in its best. And social enterprises as SURE and Godrej have already understood how to build relationships with the bottom of the pyramid and create together, as ally, not knowing who serves who.


We look at society and cultures from global perspective and we believe this can support a more powerful impact on our projects.

In DOT, as our education actions, we support the Learning Journeys of team-entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs (from LEINN and MINN) to explore and experiment first hand all the concept mentioned above.

For mor information about the project we developed please contact us, we will be glad to share the content with you!

Now in DOT we are  working on low cost menstrual cup for everyday for Indian women, we will keep you posted.

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